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hoopla ♦ Hook-a-Duck ♦ Tin can Knockout ♦ Flinger Frog ♦ Giant Buzzer

Hire funfair style games for weddings and special events


Players have to hoop as many individual animals as possible.

12 hoops supplied.

A chalkboard is also supplied so the guests can record the highest score to create a bit of friendly competition.

A prize could be offered for the highest score of the day, supplied by the hirer.

Tin Can Knockout

Test your throwing skills with our classic Tin Can Alley style game. It’s brilliant, and will provide great fun that your guests are sure to enjoy as they challenge each other to see who can knock over the most cans, using the bean bags provided. 

An addictive game that is sure to get all your guests involved. 

Flinger Frog

Place a giant rubber frog on the special launcher; then using your foot, you stamp down to fling the frog, aiming at the target. The aim is to get all three frogs in the box in the quickest time.

Comes with: Three rubber frogs, stopwatch, scoreboard


A game of skill and chance. As with all the games, the players can play them anyway they like.

Comes with:

12 ducks
Hook pole

How to play

a) Under all the ducks are numbers. Hook three ducks and try to get the highest score.

b) Using a stopwatch, try to get as many ducks from one side to the other as quickly as you can.

c) If you’re using the optional giant buzzer, you can add some drama by using the heartbeat sound effects and give the players forty-five seconds to get all the ducks from one side to the other. This can add an element of tension and excitement.

Giant Buzzer

An addictive game that requires concentration and a steady hand.

The aim is to pass the looped wand very carefully around the hand from one side to the other without touching it.

If you’d like more information, please get in touch.

How to play

Each player starts with three lives, displayed as red lights on the unit. Press the start button. A heartbeat sound effect gives the player 45 seconds to complete the game. As time runs out, the heartbeat gets louder and faster.

Two sound effects at the end of the game. A successful attempt is greeted by a fanfare of trumpets.

The game is difficult at first, which encourages multiple tries. This makes it addictive, and therefore very popular with guests.

Though, due to the sound effects, this game isn’t suited to every event. This is why it’s an optional game.

Check out the video for a demonstration.


Free Delivery in Shropshire

We'll deliver the games to your Shropshire event free of charge.

Free set up and pack down

We'll take care of setting everything up on the day. And when the fun is over, we'll be on-hand to pack down the games, ensuring we leave the site how we found it.


Our pricing starts from £295 for a day's hire. This includes all four games. 

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Weddings and Parties

Adding these retro side stall games to your wedding or party is a great way to provide additional entertainment for your guests.


Suitable for indoor and outdoor events

The games are compact and portable, making them ideal for both indoor and outdoor events.

Safe, easy and simple to play

The games are easy to learn and play. So they're perfect for all ages. 

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